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"New Wave, Punk and a few post punk classics thrown in for good measure and to keep everyone happy! Radio Generation manage to put their own twist on some memorable classics. XTCs 'making plans for Nigel' and The Stooges 'I wanna be your dog' to name but a few are all played with gusto and a strong well rehearsed crisp sound. Great band! Always a cracking night out! - Check them out at a venue near you SOON!!"

"A band playing songs from my 70s youth,surley not ? But they do and do it bloody well and with conviction and a tight solid sound.Plus a few odd gems with a brilliant twist to them,very impressive. From Bowie,Iggy,Pistols,Kraftwerk, and whole lot more all with Radio Generations pumped up sound.Great band,great songs,great evening ! Go on take a pogo down memory while you still have one..See you again soon boys!"

"First time at this venue and and first time seeing them,i enjoyed them very much,was so good to here some songs they other bands dont play,if there in your area get along to see them you wont be disappointed,looking forward to them coming back again soon."

"High energy Punk in a sauna!"

"Old new wave. Fast and furious late 1970's nostalgia."

"Great crowd at the Brewery Tap for the lively Radio Generation.

Blasting through all the songs we want to hear from the late 70's and early '80s

Who would have thought you could cover Kraftwerk's "The Model" without a synth. Radio Generation can, in a blistering punk style.

Sham 69's "If The Kids are United" had the audience up and singing as did a great punky version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

Bowie covers were very strong as was a very poignant "American Girl" given the loss of of Tom Petty this year.

Great sound and the band very tight.

For a fun night out with great music, these guys take some beating."

"It was brilliant. I genuinely couldn't get over how cool your set sounded simplified down. You guys absolutely blew us away. Def up for more post punk goodness soon!"

"Thanks to the Bug Bear chaps for bringing Radio Generation to the old The Dublin Castle on Friday it put an enormous grin on my face - like your favourite Peel Festive 50 made flesh, get thee and see them at the first opportunity!"

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